Tattoo meanings

photo-1466893329234-a2ab18f51754In today’s life, tattoos are invented as new fashion icons and youngsters become crazy for marking tattoos on their different body parts. Tattoos can’t be recycled, packed up, and donated away just like clothes and other styles of fashion. Below given handy guide tells you about different kinds of tattoos and their meanings are also explained.

Triquetra – This symbol is quite popular and can be inked alone or into knot work. In Latin it means three-cornered. Depending on nature and aspect, the meaning varies. It is also a deeply religious symbol. It can stand for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or the past, present and future or mind, body and spirit as well as power, intellect, and love

Single Spiral – The spiral represents birth, growth and light energy radiating inwards or outwards, depending on your point of view. It can also symbolize expansion of the consciousness.

Celtic Knots – The meaning of these knots are very vague, but usually mean or symbolize beginnings and ends. It is not possible to know where the knot started and ended. It represents the infinite cycle of life. It can be used as a charm to ward off misfortune and ill health. This is one of the most popular tattoos of Celtic origins nowadays.

Wheel of Balance – It consists of five intertwined circles and means harmony and balance. They used to symbolize Ireland divided into five other states intertwined by over and underlapping lines. It also represents the four elements of nature – earth, water, fire, and air, all touching each other and balanced and harmonized by a fifth circle.

Old school tattoos: There is a huge body of work available in this style. In the days when tattoo fans consisted mainly of outlaw bike gangs and traveling sailors, conventional designs were anchors, boats, motorbikes, pin-up girls, swallows, daggers, hearts, etc. A lot of these designs would also incorporate some form of scrolling with script inside, usually as a sign of allegiance to a gang, family member or military unit.While old-fashioned in look and body placement this style has come back to the forefront in recent years and become familiar again.

Tribal tattoos: Many say this is the origin of tattooing. Ancient tribes tattooed their tribal members with various forms of raw imagery using basic tattoo equipment harvested from the environment. Images tend to be bold with thick line work harking back to a time when up to date needle technology simply wasn’t available. Colors are limited, black is most predominant. The designs can either be stand-alone pieces, bands that wrap around your limbs or intricate patterns that can spread all over the body.

-Naturalistic Tattoos: It is highly admired kind of symbol. It is comprised detail, shading, perspective, and mostly portraits and realistic artwork to make mainly an image showcase natural subjects, or religious ones.

– Dedication or Pledge Tattoos: It is very common designs, which usually include the use of images of military insignias, anchors, and symbols related to nautical and military themes. It is mostly found in sailor or traditional western tattooing. The pledge tattoos showcase loyalty/allegiance of person to a certain cause, group, belief or institution.

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